The Benefits

The Food Works Programme is designed to challenge and develop all areas of your company’s business plan across an intensive ten month programme.

Discover the Benefits:

Food Works curates a schedule of workshops to address key areas of your company’s business plan. Our panel of thought leaders and industry experts from across the food and drink sector delivers strategic insight coupled with tangible, practical applications to facilitate your business development and growth. These workshops are specifically designed to help you build a robust investor-ready business plan.

Based on the specific needs and requirements of each company, Food Works develops a customised plan of 1:1 business advisor support. Each company has a monthly meeting with a lead business advisor to support the development of its business plan. We have an extensive range of advisors in specific disciplines across finance, manufacturing, retailer engagement, export, marketing and distribution that are assigned to companies, where required, to help build and refine all areas.

Food Works has a dedicated research and consumer specialist based at The Thinking House in Bord Bia. This support lays the foundation to understand the business, target consumer and markets. It also assesses the size of the opportunity. Research support, potentially including focus groups and quantitative surveys, is used to generate in-depth consumer insight to equip companies with the necessary information to develop their brand proposition*.
*Companies must be manufacturing in the Republic of Ireland to be eligible for research support via The Thinking House, Bord Bia

Food Works has access to a wealth of technical experts. Their insights are key to helping overcome challenges in manufacturing and innovation.

Food Works plans an inspirational food trip to London every year. Its purpose is to immerse the group in emerging market trends, competitor activity, innovative branding, packaging and global opportunities. This is an intense learning, awareness and information gathering mission. It also provides an important opportunity to network and build relationships with food and drink industry peers.

The Food Works programme is a source of invaluable industry connections and networks. The programme is tied in with an established community of state agencies, industry experts and an ever-expanding pool of food and drink entrepreneurs. It offers a host of opportunities to network and create valuable relationships with industry contacts and resources.

Companies on the Food Works programme are eligible to apply for a feasibility grant funding of up to €35,000 through Enterprise Ireland. This includes up to €15,000 in salary support in addition to supporting consultancy, prototype, travel and subsistence costs.

Through the three agencies and our PR partner, Food Works drives opportunities for the participating businesses and alumni. Both during and after the programme, we generate PR and social media engagement to further promote, support and drive innovation in the Irish food and drink industry.